Swans and Swanns

We learned about them in 2007 but didn’t go.

Since then, my bride has asked me (occasionally) to drive up to Magness Lake to see the swans. Who knew there were swans in Arkansas.

Actually, there are a couple of swans in Little Rock at a small lake near the Searcy Building (west LR near the ice-skating rink).

But, there are scores of swans on the lakes near Heber Springs.

So, yesterday we drove up to Magness Lake and found one swan.

One swan. (He’s the lonely guy in the pictures above)

Sadly, the little guy was injured, which accounts for him being the sole swan on the lake. Everyone else has fled.

We found more swans down the road here.

I hope the injured swan’s leg will heal and he can escape, before the heat of summer arrives. He is, after all, from the Arctic Circle and he will not welcome the brutal Arkansas heat.

Bonus: Can you spot the other Swann from the arctic region in the photos below?





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